About us

The company was founded and is based on the comprehensive experience and professional expertise of the company's CEO, Mr. Uriel Wexler, CPA, Israel, who has held the positions of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and VP Finance for a group of private companies, active worldwide

Mr. Wexler led the founding and ongoing management of various companies in Europe, the US and India and has acquired extensive international experience. His professional background includes economics, banking, and finances and reflects a multi-disciplinary view

:Our financial services includes

  • Comptroller and cash flow management 
  • Preparation of business plans and budgets
  • Due diligences and price evaluations

 As well as a wide range of additional financial services all of which are
tailor-made to the client's requirements and performed to the highest .professional standards

Our wide range of experience, professional capabilities and customer oriented approach makes Uriel Wexler Consultants Ltd. your ideal solution for your company's professional financial needs